Alpine Skiing: Disciplines – STO 015

While August may be coming to a close and it is still some time before the lifts start running again, ski season will be here before you know! For professional alpine skiers, they’ve already begun their training for the 18/19 season, so why not get a head-start yourself? For this reason, I’ll be covering different... Continue Reading →

Mt. Oberlin: An easy peak – TTT 008

When was the last time you climbed a mountain? I’m not talking about a basic hike up to some overlook, no, I’m talking about having to get your hands dirty and physically balance yourself up some rocks. Scary? Perhaps. Tough? Definitely. Whether you’ve done something like that recently or you’ve never even attempted to summit... Continue Reading →

Transcript: Explore More [a short vid]

Hey everyone. I've been working to raise awareness of different mountain environments and the like. Therefore, I've been developing my skills at cinematography and editing. It would be a lot if you could take a peek at this short (1:30 min) video and give some feedback. Thanks! Transcript: "Every day provides a unique opportunity. When... Continue Reading →

Rock Climbing Gear Essentials – MTT 009

You finally did it. The warm weather, massive mountains, and those pestering friends convinced you to finally go climbing with them. You may be hesitant, what with those sheer verts, steep inclines, and small handholds - but you are a BOSS. Ready to get after it, time to get rad! Basically, you’re here because you... Continue Reading →

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