Some Thoughts on Changing Plans

Sometimes things just do NOT go the way we planned. Whether that be career path, our relationships, or just everyday plans, it can be both difficult and frustrating have things go outside our planned course of action. For instance, that is what happened to me today. My original intent for the day was to go […]

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Some Perspective from Volunteering

Acta Non Verba. Translated, it means Deeds not Words. Straightforward – sure. Cliche, perhaps… but I’ll argue they’ll stand the test of time. The act of doing over contemplation is the bedrock by which the US Merchant Marine Academy (my alma mater) was founded. As more days tick off the calendar, the more I realize […]

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In the Beginning

Congratulations! You are reading the first post of a newly minted feed! This means that you, much like myself, enjoy the great outdoors! So… This entry marks the start of the GlacierLife blog. As we begin this fantastic journey, the primary focus will be on capturing the adventure and action of an active lifestyle Efforts […]

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