Ski Whitefish Closing Day (2018)

My summary on YoutubeIMG_46712 days ago was the last day of resort skiing at the Big Mountain here in Whitefish. Just like any other day, I rolled out of bed with plenty of time to spare and in no rush. One of the benefits of living 15 miles from the Base Lodge.

I rolled up to the lift about 9:15 to make my way to the top. The snow was soft, the lines were short, and all signs pointed to a solid day! As I skied over to the lift and loaded up, I happened upon an unusually happy character. Dressed in what can only be described as business attire, I judged this man was ready for a great day.

Mark. This man was a local who was all about closing out the season with a bang! I revelled in the fact that Mark was so candid about making the most of closing day and not harping on the rest of it. But little did I know, he was just the first of many to come.

As I disembarked the first lift, I decided to hang on the front side of the hill to do a warm-up run before heading topside. I rolled up to the next lift and was given the go-ahead by two gentlemen behind me to take my own chair up. On the ride up, the chair broke into a layer of rain-snow mix to a layer of colder snow. This layer actually proved to be quite beneficial, as it made the snow up top super buttery and kept the snow down low from being super slow. In all honesty, I hadn’t tuned the skis since the new year rolled over. This may not have been the wisest course of action, but oh well. Moving ever forward, I decided it would be a good idea to take out the batteries for the gopro and start getting footage – this would turn out to be a less than wise decision.

After making my first turns of the day and ascending the lift to the top, I decided to stop in the lodge to tighten the boots. After stepping inside, I took the gopro off to find there was frozen ice inside the case. This baffled me as I thought I kept snow from getting inside the case – apparently not. Knowing the footage from those runs was toast, I shrugged it off and knew i’d capture more footage later. So, I wiped out the case, tightened the boots, and hit the slopes again.

After spending some more time on the back of the hill, chatting with people on the lift (some even dressed as Care Bears!), and taking in the day, it was time to roll out for the day. I’m not the biggest fan of the drive home when there’s a lot of traffic, so I make a point of either leaving a tad earlier or later than most.

After taking care of the usual stuff at home after a day on the hill it was time to upload any and all footage I shot throughout the day. So I loaded the footage onto the computer and opened it for review. It was GARBAGE. Apparently, even though I had wiped out the camera case, the entirety of moisture hadn’t been removed. This caused a the video to come out as though you were staring at an ice wall. It was less than useless…

Although the footage turned out to be horrible, the day was not a loss. I got to meet some unique people, enjoy fresh snow, and get fresh air. While I really wanted to get good footage to make a solid video, I got more enjoyment out of the skiing and the process going into getting the footage than the product that would have been made. So, lesson for the day: enjoy the process and double check your equipment!

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