Some Thoughts on Changing Plans (STo 002)


Sometimes things just do NOT go the way we planned. Whether that be career path, our relationships, or just everyday plans, it can be both difficult and frustrating have things go outside our planned course of action. For instance, that is what happened to me today.

My original intent for the day was to go summit my first peak in Idaho. This was going to be a good step in the direction I want my career to go, so I was really looking forward to it.

The hike was going to be up Goat Mountain, a 7300ft peak in the Scotchman range skirting the Idaho and Montana state line. The hike would begin at about 3800 ft and amass the 4500ft of elevation change over the course of 4 miles, not to mention the crest descent then push to the top of about 1000ft. This would make the push to the summit harder, meaning it would be a far greater prize to achieve. This is where a kink was thrown into my plan…

I woke up at 0430 anxious and hungry to conquer the day. I had breakfast and the like then checked to weather to make sure it would be clear for the drive to and from the meetup area – did I mention it was 179 miles on way??? This is when *drumroll please* I found that rain was forecast for both the trip to and fro! Woe is me right – I’d be stuck slumping 3 hours in soggy conditions both ways not to mention the hike.

Maybe there was hope – what did the radar say?

Solid rain over my entire route of travel. Bummer…. At this point I had to make a decision, “Should I stay or should I go now” was ringing in my ears as I weighted my options – do i do this intense endeavor and risk driving home in the rain possibly nodding off at the wheel or do I stay and figure out another plan. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled about the first idea, so I started to brainstorm other possibilities.

Heck, I hadn’t been to Glacier in a while, what about that? Sounds like a solid option – I can get footage if it isn’t too wet, and i can walk about and get some fresh air. So I packed up and headed out.

Go figure, rain to the east too! I guess the day was just going to be a damper on my plans regardless. Haha I know, bad jokes… I still ended up pressing to Glacier just in case. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t let up enough to really let me do the video I wanted nor did the cloud cover allow for any adequate photos of anything other than water and trees. At least I got to enjoy the fresh air.

All this got me to thinking more about a talk with Sadhguru (you can watch it here if you’d like). Life is going to have a road with all sorts of twists and turns, ups and downs – maybe every some of those break bumps and potholes we all love so much. This is just how life is going to be, but we are the ones at our wheel. Meaning we control the attitude of the vehicle. It is ultimately up to us how we react and grow from any problem or challenge we face.

Looking back over the day – i was faced with this task of making a decision. Having the tenacity to stay up and come up with a solution rather than going back to bed and facing the task ultimately got me a couple good photos even though I didn’t get to summit. This is where the playfulness comes in. So I implore you, at your next chance – don’t just turn over and let life pass, be playful. Take it as an opportunity to problem solve!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! You can see more of my photos right over HERE!

If you have any thoughts or want to know more, drop me a line!

Until the next one, mahalo mah dude!



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