Some Thoughts on… Saturdays? (STo 004)

Weekends. Do you love them, or hate them?

I guess the answer to that question really boils down to what kind of life you live, and what you enjoy. For many, the weekend is a saintly time in which they can do whatever they please – they are free from the shackles of the dreaded work-week.


To me, I think the idea of weekends to be a rather outdated and unnecessary phase. I believe it was Henry Ford who started the idea of a working week for his employees. It would allow they time to be with family on the weekends and time for church on Sundays. While I still believe the calendar-week is very necessary for many businesses, I believe for individuals it is ultimately hindering them.

No, I’m no expert in this field. I’ve never held a tradition work-week, 9-5, monday – friday desk job. I can’t attest to the lifestyle these workers have. But, from what I’ve seen portrayed on the news, movies, and many online articles, it seems there is a vast majority who fall into this category. These are the masses stocking the shelves, typing their lives away at the computer (and here I am doing the same thing… haha you’re pretty funny irony).

But neigh, I loath the idea of a ‘standard’ work-week. It implies that as soon as that alarm clock rings Monday morning, that moment you rise from bed, you are instantly tied to the clock. Ever checking, counting down the minutes until the end of the work-day, all so you can go home and enjoy a few hours with family before repeating the process. Then it all comes to an end on the weekend! YOu’ve been planning all week, talking to your buddy about all you’re gonna do. So the weekend comes, and you go do these things. You enjoyed it – you had a blast even! Wait – the weekend’s over already??? How the Hell did that happen???


That’s 5/7 of your life. 71.4%. Nearly 3/4 of your working life is spent dreading mondays  (I love you Garfield, but seriously, get over yourself) and loving fridays. Again, I’m no expert… but do you really want to go through your one shot on this hunk of dirt just slogging through, complete unexcited ? Does that really appeal to you? IF so, you may be a better man than I, but I can’t stand the thought of going through live doing something I hate.

From where I stand, it’s all a choice. Unfortunately, many different outlets set us up to fall victim to the 9-5 work week right out of the gate. Schools, Society, and many other factors lead us down this road – putting us in a mentality that this model will work for everyone. I guess sometimes people find a way to break free, but it seems far too common that people fall prey.



So, what do I think. Unless your hands are tied, take a good hard look at what you want from this life. Did you do it? Ok – now go seize it! It’s you’re life, take charge of it! Don’t let the idea of a Saturday or Sunday ‘off” from work control your happiness. Life is out there, you just have to be willing to grab it!


Moving forward, I want to start the Some Thoughts On series to be a Saturday thing. Regularly scheduled programming of Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are still a go – I just want to make certain days more open-ended. What do you guys think? Should I do the “Some Thoughts On” series on Saturdays or should I make it something like “Mountain Sports Saturdays?” Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Got some thoughts? Make sure to leave ’em below!

Have a great one!




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