Summer 2018 footwear (pt.1) – MTT 004


A key asset to any function of travel is footwear. Whether you’re headed to the beach, or headed to a peak, if you don’t have the proper footwear, you’re gonna have a bad time.

bad time.jpg

To start, we’re going to go with your classic trail shoes (boots and the like will be covered in part 2). Benefits of trail shoes are their light weight, flexibility, and breath-ability. These are all necessary for running trails and long-distance days. If you’re looking to shed weight and aren’t going to need the added protection of boots these are a great choice.

  1. Dynafit Speed MTN GTX. $179. Utilizing a speed lacing system similar to many Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.00.49 PM.pngbackpack drawstrings, these shoes will cinch up evenly and tight. While this holds true, the protective sleeve is apparently tough to manage with cold hands. The toe and front portion of the shoe provides extra room for toes and wider feet.
  2. Adidas Terrex Two BOA. $120. Ready for adjustments on the fly, this BOA fitted Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.01.01 PM.pngshoe is ready for any adventure from trail runs to camping loafers. Apparently a very easy on/off shoe due to the BOA, it runs a “smooth ride.”
  3. La Sportiva Primer Low GTX. $175. Most shoes on this list compromise on the waterproofing for the sake of breathability – but this La Sportiva is fitted with gore-tex to help eliminate that compromise. Fitted with a PU web-overlay on the upper, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.01.30 PM.pngthis shoe provides added protection against errant rocks and sticks. The sole is fitted with chunky, rectangular lugs for added grippies.
  4. Scarpa Hydrogen GTX. $180. The versatile Vibram XS Trek outsoul allows for both grip on large slabs of rock and muddy trails. As they’re stiffer than traditional trail Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.01.44 PM.pngshoes, they fall more into the realm of hiking shoe.
  5. Colombia Conspiracy III Titanium Outdry Extreme Eco. $150. More along the line of walking shoe, theScreen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.01.58 PM.png

    Conspiracy III is fitted with a PU upper to seal out the water even in the gnarliest of conditions. As with all of Colombia’s Ex-ECO line products, it’s made of 40% recycled materials.



There’s the quick and dirty on some possible shoes to get you out this season. If you’d like to know more about the shoes or have any specific questions please feel free to reach out down in the comments or contact me directly!

Get out there and enjoy your adventure!


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