Summer 2018 Footwear – Pt.2 Boots ~ MTT 005

First and foremost – apologies for the late post. I know this is behind our regular posting hour – and that is completely my fault. I promise if this is going to happen in the future there will be notification ahead of time.

Overlooking Glacier National Park near Demer’s Ridge & Hwy 486 – Photo By: Donald Dodge

So… Let’s kick this off, shall we?

In the last Mountain Tech Tuesday we covered 5 different pairs of trail/hiking shoes. While trail shoes offer the benefits of lighter weight and mobility, they often lack the durability and resilience offered by full-fledged boots.

That’s why, for this week’s Mountain Tech Tuesday, we’ll be covering different pairs of boots for the 2018 season. Going in, understand this isn’t a complete list and definitely won’t cover all the boots being offered for 2018, but simply just a list of some of the top reviewed boots out there!

Merrell MQM Flex – Mid waterproof.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.49.01 PM.pngThese super light boots are designed with an EVA midsole, a TPU overlay, and the M Select Grip+ – meaning they’ll be ready to throw down plenty of miles. After reading reviews, the M Select Dry additions on the boot seem to be the standout feature – allowing low creek crossings and various water exposure to go unnoticed to dry feet. While water exposure would still result in wet feet from time to time, the “mostly-mesh” uppers allowed feet to quickly dry. $140, 1 b 11 ox.

Solomon X Ultra 3 – Mid

Best traction of the group – these boots have been tested in everything from snowy fields to stand trails, and all reviews are positive! The X Ultra 3 is able to do this via a Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.51.54 PM.pngCountergrip outsole, which is fitted with a mixture of chevrons and t-lugs to tackle both steep ascents and descents. These are also fitted with a gore-tex waterproof membrane, so expect a decent amount of water resilience on those sloshy hikes! $165, 1 lb 15 oz



Lowa Locarno GTX – mid

So,, for starters these boots raise and eyebrow when considered as a hiking boot. But the stylish astethics aside, the Locarno GTX actually perform quite well per reviews. It comes fitted with a PU internal-frame so that the low-profile support actually allows the boot to Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.54.39 PM.pngbe quick and nimble. Additionally, this boot is also fitted with a gore-tex membrane so expect decent water resistance when bogging through the wet stuff! $210, 2 lb 1 oz


Vasque Saga GTX – Full

These boots are basically a form of trail armor. According to reviews they’re best suited bashing through tough trails with lots of debris and undergrowth so as to fully protect Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.56.04 PM.pngthe foot. Due to the vibram-megagrip outsole expect higher-than-average traction for boots this rigid. And they come in more breathable than expected due to their inclusion of toe and heel vents. $230, 2 lb 14 oz




Zamberlan 491 Trickmaster GTX RR

Fitted with a rigid vibram outsole, expect these to keep sturdy even when the ground lets loose while an EVA midsole keeps it nice and cushy. This boot uses chunky lugs to provide solid grip and uses added PU protection on the toes to add an “approach-like” Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.57.10 PM.pngquality. Like the other boots on the list, these bad boys are fitted with a gore-tex membrane to provide adequate waterproofing for those sloppy treks. $220, 2lb 2oz


My Take:

After looking at these boots for some time and looking at what strengths each boot has, I’d personally go with either the Merrells or Solomons. Up near Glacier National Park the weather can vary from day to day and more often than not the weather forecast is wrong. Therefore, I’d want something with solid traction and dependability in both wet and dry conditions. Both the Solomons and Merrells fit the bill in both the categories, plus they’re relatively low impact on endurance as each weights in at less than 2 pounds per pair.

As this list is limited and there are a plethora of boots out there, there are obviously going to be things I missed. If you have a boot you’d like to know more about, or if there’s a boot you have you’d want mentioned please drop a comment down below!

If you’re reading this, you made it to the end! I want to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU for reading through the article. Without your support this blog wouldn’t exist.


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