Red Lion Trail, Whitefish – TTT 004

Are you all stoked for summertime trail madness – aka hiking/biking? If not, trail talk thursday is not a blogpost you’d enjoy, so be sure to click away now if you don’t enjoy these types of trails.


This week’s trail talk will cover Red Lion trail. The Lion Mountain trail is part of the overarching trail system located in Whitefish, Montana, which has a total of 42+ miles of trail available to the public. The trail itself is rather easy, lasting 2.6 miles and having only 361 ft of elevation gain. The destination is the Skyles Lake overlook and the trail can either be hiked or biked (portions of the Whitefish Trail system are also open to Horses).

Starting just outside the town of Whitefish, right off highway 93 – Red Lion trailhead has parking for about 12-14 vehicles depending on the time of year. When you get to the trailhead, you can either do the full trail or take the family loop which lasts only a mile. If you choose the full route be sure to allow yourself adequate time to complete the trek.s


While you make your way down the trail, you will meet up with a road that follows over to the learning center and outdoor meeting area. This is a nice place to have an outdoor lunch or simple enjoy nature. The next portion of the trail starts the short uphill – and back into a more densely wooded area. As I only took this portion of the hike in winter, i can imagine there will be heavy undergrowth so be sure to spray yourself with deet prior to the hike.


The primary destination of this hike is the Skyles Lake overlook. Finishing the outbound portion of the hike will leave you to access more of the trail system within the Lion Mountain area or follow the route back from the overlook. At the overlook you’ll be able to see Hwy 93, Skyles Lake, some homes, and the Snomish (?) Mountains in the distance. You will also be able to see portions of the Whitefish Mountain range as well, but as your vantage looks NW, the view of that range will be limited.

If you’re reading this, you made it to the end! I want to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU for reading through the article. Without your support this blog wouldn’t exist.

As we’re going into the memorial day weekend I hope you all take full advantage of your local parks and forests to get out and adventure. There’s a lot of world to take in and each day is another amazing opportunity to enjoy it! This being said, there will not be a Some Thoughts On… post tomorrow as I will be without internet access exploring the East Glacier NP. Expect more to follow next week!

Until the next one – stay safe and get out there! Mahalo mah dudes!



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