Fundamentals of Success: Health – STO 009

It’s been nearly three months since I stumbled across Tai Lopez. And by stumbled, I mean, like, really discovered what he’s all about.

While his name is not household, I guarantee you know who he is. If you’ve ever watched a youtube video or seen an ad on facebook, he’s the guy who introduced us to what was better than a ferrari: Knowledge.

This nearly 4 minute video quickly became a meme due to its absurdity. And, in all honesty, I bought into “group-think” and scoffed it away when I first saw it. I mean, some random dude hanging out with supercars in his garage talking about a bookshelf???? Who would honestly buy into that nonsense.


Fast forward nearly five years. I was perusing videos across the youtube-verse for ideas on my next vid. I felt like I had hit a slump and was facing the challenge of Sisyphus. Stuck in an eternal struggle of an uphill battle. Feeling a bit defeated, and for one reason or another, I looked for motivational videos. Enter Tai.

Tai Lopez is s an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. With his podcast and book club, The Tai Lopez Show, he shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with upwards of 1.4 million people in over 40 countries. The Tai Lopez Show, gets around 800,000 downloads per month. So, in case you were wondering, he may just know a thing or two…

As I began to dig deeper, his ideas on 4 pillars of success (or the “Good Life,” as he calls it) intrigued me. How you need to establish strong foundations in different areas of your life is something well known but oft overlooked. I mean, how many people do you come across that talk about “work-ife balance?” Simple no? Well, it may not be all that far off….

Throughout Tai’s life under various mentors, ranging from multi-millionaires to the amish, he found that the best life is one whose table stands on four legs: Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. And as I build this blog, business, and life for myself I find that these ideas really resonate with me. For this reason, I thought it would be a great idea to start breaking down these pillars. Well, let’s start with the one I’ve already covered quite a bit on this blog: Health.

First and foremost: I’m not trying to sell you on a type of life or blueprint by which you should live your life. I’ve just noticed vast improvements in my own levels of happiness after defining and determining what exactly a successful life means to me, and figured it would be wise to share a little bit on the topics of health, wealth, love, and happiness with you.

As such, the next 4 weeks I will cover my thoughts on those pillars. I hope they can give you an indication of how to start moving towards your version of a successful life!


The first of the four pillars is both within and beyond our control. Kinda screwy, huh? More specifically, illness and disease are out of our realm of control while our preventative measures are well within. Bearing this in mind, it is of vital importance to consider what methods we use to manage our health

[/thought] I don’t claim to be largely religious, but I do have faith that there is a higher power in whom can ultimately choose our fate. I also believe this entity provides us adequate measures to control and dictate the outcome of our own lives – that’s the whole purpose of even having free will! Therefore, I think we should seriously consider how our actions will affect our outcomes ~ especially in terms of health. [/endthough]


Multiple articles on this blog thus far have been devoted to different methods and ideas surrounding how both diet and exercise play a role in mountain athletics. This is not only important for athletes, but also it plays a key role in the realm of a ‘successful’ life. Without health, you will not be able to enjoy the spoils of your wealth, continue to share and bask in the rays of love, or have a body capable of sustaining prolonged happiness.

In terms of health, I find using and maintaining the body as it was designed to be has provided me the best results. In terms of diet, exercise, and lifestyle – changing up my routine these last two weeks has proven quite useful!

Nutrition: A couple weeks back I wrote about intermittent fasting and the way the  Insulin and Growth Hormone are regulated in the body… After two weeks of intermittent fasting, cleaning up the diet to include more nutrient dense foods, and increasing the protein content of my diet, I’ve lost nearly 12 lbs and retained all of my (noticeable) strength (199.6-188.2 and primary push/pull exercises unaffected ~ If you want more specifics I can definitely pass those along too). I’ve also noticed my sleep has improved and overall feel more alert and ready to go!

Not only are liver and digestive issues a possible side-effect of poor nutrition, but it can be heavily detrimental to your hormonal balance as well. Especially in cases regarding men, nutritional imbalances can lead to man hormonal imbalances which can not only effect your metabolism and energy levels, but it can utterly wreck your sexual side. From side effects including ED and low T, to increased estrogen and weak musculature, a nutritionally weak diet can be highly detrimental to health.

Exercise: The body was designed to move. From self-lubricating joints to a muscular-structure that repairs and builds on itself, the human body is a locomotive! In our current age of screen-based entertainment and 9-5 deskwork, it is all the more imperative to get up and move. There are a bunch of tools out there to help you do this (garmin, fitbit, phone based apps, etc). Each one is unique, but the key thing is to take breaks throughout your day to make sure you are getting that metabolism revved up! What I find works best for me is an early morning workout and breaking up the day with pushups/situps anytime I have to use the restroom. May not be optimal for everyone, but simply adding an hour or so every day will be great for your physical and mental faculties .


lifestyle: This entails work, habits, and everyday activities. Things like the computer, television, and driving can all play havoc on our health. Any time of prolonged sitting slows the metabolism and reduces bloodflow, meaning your creativity and productivity will be affected. This pretty much falls into the realm of exercise, but it is imperative to have a dynamic lifestyle to help produce a balance for health.

Additional thoughts: As secondary measures to protect and preserve my own health, I am undertaking a “cold shower protocol” in which I will take cold showers to improve skin condition and increase testosterone (study done here I am also beginning meditation for the sake of having a stronger mind-body connection. There are many other benefits to meditation and deep breathing exercises, but figured this would be a good place to start!

Ultimately, the pillar of Health is to improve/optimize both your body and mind. In order to be present in the moment and afford yourself the opportunity to experience many more moments, health is something to take very seriously. By using tools such as proper diet, exercise, meditation, etc. you can improve your mental clarity and overall physicality. This will spill over into areas of self-confidence, self-esteem, social abilities, etc simply because you’re more in touch with your body.


If you’re reading this, you made it to the end! I want to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU for reading through the article. Without your support this blog wouldn’t exist. If you’d like to support the blog in future endeavors, be sure to sign up to our mailing list and check out the GlacierLife shop.

Have a great day – get out there and enjoy YOUR adventure!



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