Yet another boot blog – Solomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boot – MTT 006

You came for the free jacket right? Sorry to disappoint, but this is just another run-of-the-mill, completely overdone, lacking any sort of character boot review blog…

solomon gtx1

A little over two weeks ago I determined my Merrell boots wouldn’t be adequate for the trekking journeys I’ll be undertaking in the wild North this summer. This was after I had done the initial summer 2018 boot breakdown (found here). I was actually planning on going in getting a pair of Merrells that would be slightly more water resistant and more durable for romping through underbrush, but at the store my mind changed pretty quickly.


Looking at the boots afforded by the store, I needed something with more support around my ankles and a more restricted entry to prevent excess stuff going into my boot. As the store i went too didn’t provide merrells with a higher mouth, I started looking at solomon and la sportiva.

Both boots had medium flex, and offered an approach-style toe. This is especially useful when getting into scrambles and areas where you’ll be banging your feet on stuff. Both boots offered pretty solid water-resistance afforded by gore-tex. Both boots also were sturdy enough to allow for crampon attachment – something I’ll be looking forward to in the future. But, what won me over was moderate mesh webbing the solomon boots had. This was located centrally between were the laces tie into the boot. Vents like this are very much appreciated on tougher journeys in non-freezing conditions.

After testing both boots on the store’s testing grounds, and basically having a footgasm due to othorlite insoles, I decided to get the Solomons.

Fast forward to that weekend. I put a total of nearly 20 miles on em that weekend alone. Being that I bought them for the trails, I literally changed them on and off at the truck without wasting an time. Our first trek together was the Scalplock Mountain Trail. We bashed our way through mud, snowdrifts, ridgelines, and even did some moderate climbing to reach the lookout. The boots took this hike like a champ – no noticeable hotspots or rubbed-raw areas. By the time we got to the base of the hike though, my ankles were feeling pretty sore. I’ll be honest, I probably could have been wearing better socks and my legs are hairier than average, so friction burn due to hair loss is a distinct possibility.

The second hike of that weekend was at what I’ll describe as an easy trail on the Eastern front of the Montana Rockies. This hike was closer to 4-5 miles round trip, and the ground was very well maintained so the boots, again, performed like a champ!

The most recent hike I did in these was a couple days ago over in West Glacier. The trail gave about 500 ft of vert and my total time on foot with the boots from the parking area was about 6 miles. This time we sloshed trough some serious mud and wet rock. I had no noticeable signs of traction-loss and didn’t notice any pressure or hot-spots. Again, these Solomon boots were rock solid.


At this point, with approximately 30 miles of trails beneath them, I can safely say the Solomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots will be a solid choice for any adventurer. Steadfast and true, they hold their ground on wet and dry terrain and provide constant control. My feet didn’t have any signs of excess heat nor did they get wear and tear like they have from other boots in the past (of course, this may not be the case for hikes in the realm of 15+ miles). The price was a tad steeper than I would have liked, but for a boot that I can tell will be dependable for a LONG time to come, the investment is more than sound.


For tech specs on the boot, you can find them here.

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Get out there and enjoy YOUR adventure! Mahalo friendos!


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