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That’s according to Merriam-Webster (don’t believe me, here’s the link: Now, I mostly agree with this ~ it’s important to have the material resources available to provide for yourself and your family/loved ones. They say money can’t buy happiness, but as a tool it can afford you invaluable opportunities to find happiness in other areas of your life.

So let me give you my definition of Wealth, then we can move forward:

An abundance of both material and immaterial goods which provide financial and emotional fulfillment.

Moving forward from here, it’ll be a ton of reflections based on observations I’ve made in my experiences, and common misconceptions I’ve readjusted to as I grow my personal knowledge base.

Heaven’s Peak (I think)

In my experience – speaking in generalities of course – a lot of hangups surrounding wealth stem in the realm of finances. A huge driving force around the world today is Money. Due to media, tradition jobs, and IMHO schooling, people have lost touch with other forms of wealth outside the realm of money. It is so engrained in our society that we need to shoot for the highest paying job we can. The push being that you should follow the career path of doctor, lawyer, or engineering so you can make a “good” paycheck and support your family. While this is honorable, and I TOTALLY understand where they’re coming from (heck, I took the route of military college with an engineering degree if my goals didn’t follow through), it’s one of the biggest mistakes in terms of Wealth you can make.

Think about it. Seriously, I’ll give a few mins to seriously consider the path of typical college – to job – to retirement.

Ok, did you think about it? CRAZY, I know… The fact that you spend 20-40 years of your life under someone else’s rule, working the week away to enjoy yourself on the weekend. It’s a broken system, and the focus on money is totally the wrong way to pursue Wealth.

When thinking in terms of wealth, I’d like you to start thinking of skill set and knowledge. If there is something you absolutely love, you spend almost all of your free time reading and researching this right? I mean, you probably could spout off more about that topic than you could about whatever it is you do in your 9-5. That, my friend, is a WEALTH of knowledge. This knowledge can actually serve you far greater than you could ever imagine…

Consider the textbooks you read in college. How much money did you spend on those to end up using them more for the class than you ever learnt from the teacher (generality of course). Well, if you’re college experience was anything like mine, about 50-60% of my total college knowledge was accumulated through textbook and discussion with classmates. So, whomever wrote that book knows just that much more about the subject than you.

Let’s take a cookbook for example. You thought the recipes looked good, so you snagged it.Do you know that author? No, probably not… Well, if you think about this individual, they happened to mess around with ingredients until they landed something that tasted awesome. They then threw it into a cookbook, slapped a price tag on it, and put it in the store. This knowledge of cooking, served them in compiling a “knowledge bank” of sorts, that they then sold for a finite price. Also, now that they wrote this book, they don’t have to write it again – that little book of information will be a continuous source of income for them as long as people buy it.

That’s the Wealth of knowledge. There’s always gonna be somebody interested in the same subject as you, and there will be somebody in that category who knows less about it then you do. This gap in knowledge gives you an opportunity to provide others with your Wealth of knowledge, which will set you up in terms of financial wealth.

So, as you grow your knowledge bank in whatever realm you find most interesting, you quickly gain Wealth of knowledge. This can in term, if you do your research and market your knowledge to those who want to learn, set you up for material wealth as well. Therefore, when thinking about whether or not to take that new job, promotion, etc. please consider the possibility of creating another form of wealth for yourself ~ especially if you do have Wealth of Knowledge in the subject matter.

Regarding it’s relationship to Success, wealth is typically the primary form seen in our society. Ultimately, you should do everything in your power to fight the urge to “Keep up with the Jones’s”. Chasing material goods of others due to envy is very unhealthy to your own personal psyche and success. Your life’s ambitions and goals should be laid out, that way you know if you are acting in accordance to build the wealth required to accomplish the success. This will also help you prevent spending your current wealth on something that will truly be useless to your life’s pursuits and ambitions.


Those are a few of my thoughts on Wealth. My definition is just a little different, but I find it holds a far more positive and valuable placeholder in terms of overarching life success. Again, like all other legs of the success ‘table,’ it’ll be important to not over focus on one leg to let the rest of the table become slanted.

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Have a great day – get out there and enjoy YOUR adventure!


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