Book of the Month 002 (July ’18) Charisma On Command: Charlie Houpert

Hey Everyone! Happy July 1st, or as I like to say “Happy Summer!” Hopefully y’all have been able to get out and crush some trails, build your gear kit, and move forward to become your best self! It’s time for July’s book of the month, so…


It’s friday night. You’re at the biggest party in town, but strangely enough none of your buddies showed up. Bummer right? WRONG! You are a charming and charismatic powerhouse that’s willing to make the best of any situation.

So, how do you flip this situation over? Well, you take a deep breath. Let a few seconds pass doing absolutely nothing (getting to your center) and then you start talking up the crowd!

Turns out, by the end of the night, you’ve met a dozen new people, exchanged numbers and even made a new bud to tackle adventures with you! That’s right – you’re carefree, confident self allowed your to make an otherwise awkward situation into something fun!

Well? That was my experience a couple weeks ago. Turns out, being authentic and simply showing interest can really get you into a good state of being…

Charisma is, at it’s core, an ability to tune in to all of your confidences, vulnerabilities, and powers, and weaknesses to the point you make others FEEL who you are. In essence you are able to fully embody all of your emotions without the fear of judgements and rejections, because you are living to your own authentic self.


That is the argument Charlie Houpert makes in his book Charisma on Command: Inspire, Impress, and Energize Everyone you meet!

The only reason I even knew this book existed was due to youtube. I was surfing around for ways to improve my own social interactions because, frankly, they felt flat, boring, and all around uninspired. I wanted to kick them up a notch and get some stronger interpersonal connections going and grow my ability to provide more value in social situations of my life. I stumbled across the YT channel and then found out about the book.

Now, I’m going to preface this right here – many parts of the book seem gimmicky. They come across as silly and sometimes off-the-wall. For example, a section of the book is on incantations. For those who don’t already know, this is basically a technique to get your emotions and your physicality connected. Something Charlie took from Tony Robbins, but i digress.

The nitty-gritty

Charisma On Command is designed with the mindset that you are going to pick up the book, read it, and employ the techniques contained therein to better your charisma and in turn boost your overall confidence. it breaks down different facets the most charismatic leaders and individuals of society have in common (conviction, energy, and presentation) through concrete examples. By giving solid examples, it can give us ideas on how we can be represent our own personal traits, and then lay out tools to develop these skills.

This isn’t Leo Tolstoy… You could easily bang this book out from cover to cover in one sitting. The language isn’t mean to be complicated and can be read by anyone with the ability to read. I’m not sure how many languages it’s been translated too, but super easy to read in good ole ‘Murican (haha couldn’t resist!).

For the better half of the book, it focuses on presentation. Ranging from simple body language techniques all the way down to various facial attributes, it Charisma on Command even takes on dressing based upon the type of persona you want others to perceive you as. In all honesty, it’s probably best that presentation take a mainstay in the book as it includes soooooo many minute details that can easily go overlooked in terms of making an impact you want.

Charlie provides an enormous amount of value in terms of developing the traits of the charismatic leader. His concrete examples and life experiences add that extra layer of tangibility that often goes overlooked in many of these self-improvement type books. Charlie also provides a 30 day checklist/exercise guide at the end of the book which gives you some serious accountability if you need that sort of carriage/whip scenario.

My Take:

The story at the beginning actually did happen. It wasn’t a full bumping rager, but it was a large crowd at an art gala. My friends did dip on me, and I did get to meet a crap-ton of people. Even made some business contacts for future work, so that’s a solid opportunity too.

I can’t attest to whether or not it was the book that gave me the powers to go schmooze, but I can say that there are techniques in the book I definitely used. My confidence has risen quite a bit over the last month, and I feel a lot more centered in terms of moving towards my goals and dreams. Charisma On Command has definitely given me some powerful tools. When pared with the practice and repetition of going into various new social situations outside my comfort zone, I truly feel like I can take on whatever the world throws at me.

One major drawback is there are no page numbers and formatting isn’t the best. This book was clearly designed to get into your hands faster to get the info out there rather than to be a shining masterpiece to be regaled for the ages! The Glossary and index aren’t indicated with page numbers and it’s kind of free-flow in reading terms. Otherwise, solid compilation of tips/tricks.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of an uptick in your own social abilities or looking to knock the socks off your future employer at that job interview (because let’s face it, you are a badass), I highly recommend you go pick up Charisma On Command.

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Have a great day – get out there and enjoy YOUR adventure!




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