Life’s Journey: Purpose and Fulfillment – STO 013

It’s not about the destination man, it’s all about the journey.”

The standard paradigm for hippies the world over; prioritizing the journey of life has become quite the staple in mainstream culture. This is true on the realms of social media, entertainment, and the news. Prioritizing the journey of life has become the locus of focus as one might say…

While people tout their ideologies of pressing on their journey and not worrying about the destination, they are becoming more and more disheartened. I’ve read about increasing depression rates, teen suicides, and many other forms of anxiety taking hold throughout many different cultures and societies. Is living life specifically for the journey a false platitude then?

Merriam-Webster defines a Journey as “something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another.” This includes passage from place to place, or perhaps even the passage of time.

Knowing this, we see how and where people got the notion to prioritize the journey. As it’s suggested, a journey requires some sort of passage, and in every passage there is insight to be gleaned and growth to be had. Both of these are very important to developing as individuals and increasing the value we can in turn provide. We get so wrapped up in developing ourselves and become more useful to those around us, but we don’t take a second to ask ourselves ‘why.’ Without a ‘why,’ there can be not true foundational reason to do something. There won’t be an intent behind the action.

In my experience, most people don’t know who or what they’re truly meant to be. It’s my personal belief that each and every one of us was put on this Earth for a special reason. We each have some unique perspective or skill set to provide – that’s why we are here. Whether you are spiritual or not is beside the point, but we do all have a purpose (and yes, I do believe that some people’s purpose is in fact the journey)


Ok, then how do we go about finding out what we’re meant to do? This is a bit trickier… We all have some passion. Something that we inherently find interesting, moving, or otherwise cool. That thing naturally draws you in and stirs some emotion deep within you. No, I’m NOT saying to follow your passion – just because it’s something you enjoy does NOT mean you can make a career or that you can necessarily provide value with it. No, rather I’m saying there’s something within that passion that can provide an answer to what your purpose is.

Maybe you really love music – but you may not be a singer, writer, or able to play an instrument, you just love music. Perhaps you’re really good at communicating and have a nack for numbers. Being a talent agent may be a job for you! Say you like skiing – you intuitively understand the dynamics and courses, but just don’t have the physicality to do it. A ski coach may be right up your alley!

What I’m getting at here is that not everyone needs to be the spotlight, the hotshot, the all-star – because each of those people has an entire CREW helping them achieve those things. Without their team, they probably would have ended up stuck in a very different field of work which would not provide them fulfillment. And we should be looking to provide as much value as possible. The more value we can provide, the great number of people we can help and the more we can do.

Your purpose could be something much more abstract too. I found that my purpose (or at least it FEELS right) is to protect and preserve majestic mountain ranges from around the world. They’ve influenced my life for so long and provided me with such positive value that I believe it’s my duty to help raise awareness to not only the majesty of these places but also their overall influence on our everyday way of life.

What’s the point then? How do we find our purpose???

Are you reading intently?

Bluntly put… trial and error.

It’s not gonna be perfect. It’s not gonna be glorious. And frankly, it will suck sometimes. But honestly, trying new and different things will give you a vast knowledge base of what you DON’T want to do, what you aren’t great at (so you can double down on what you are good at), and what gets you fired up to jump out of bed in the morning. In my experience, going down the list of things you find remotely appealing and crossing off stuff you don’t enjoy as you go is the fastest way to find what works for you.


It took me nearly 10 years out of high school to come to what I believe is my purpose on this planet. I only have rough ideas on how to execute my purpose, but like Cortez I’m gonna burn the ships and go all in. On that note, if you do find something you don’t like doing don’t waste your life away. Biting the bullet and quitting a job after 3 months rather than 3 years will serve you better in the long run, and it will get you closer toward your purpose sooner (but take ownership over your actions when you do, as you should with all things).

Once you know your purpose or have an inkling of what it may be, you then need to structure your life around how you can be serve that. Put it up somewhere as a reminder – that way you’ll be influenced by it when you make decisions. Another thing to do, in my experience, is to take small daily steps towards it. Building moment is going to be a big help in accomplishing any task, and building momentum daily is key to you achieving your purpose.

Having built daily steps to help push your toward your purpose will also allow you to better live the journey you are on. Because you already know your overarching goals and ambitions, you don’t need to worry about the WHY of what you’re doing, allowing for a greater level of freedom and creativity in your everyday life!

In summary – don’t live life just for the journey, but rather explore your options and find your true PURPOSE. This will help your organize and structure your life, allowing a far more fulfilling journey and happier life.

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Until the next one, get out there and enjoy YOUR adventure!!!




    1. Soooo true Krish! I do think the trials and tribulations are worth it though, because the level of fulfillment you’ll have when you find that purpose will be greater than any base passion could ever provide! IMHO of course 🙂

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