Book of the Month 003 (Aug ’18) – Lewis Howes: The School Of Greatness

Imagine, if you will, an All-American athlete. Someone with outstanding physical prowess. Now picture this person achieving their goals, and becoming devastatingly injured. That’s what happened to Lewis Howes. He ended up on his sister’s couch for over a year, in a great mental depression, only to bounce back bigger and stronger than ever.

school of greatness.jpg

He now runs the School of Greatness podcast and youtube channel, with over 670 episodes and over 50 million downloads on his podcast. Lewis Howes revamped his life, bounced back, and sought out greatness, allowing him to expand his network and understanding of many different aspects of life. He eventually compiled a bunch of aspects into a single book: The School of Greatness, wherein he exposes stories and traits of many successful people. And that’s what I’m here to review today.


Lewis does a very good job compiling the stories and lessons he learned from not only his life but also his many guests over the years. He takes the biggest, most life-changing experiences he sees and put them into a nice, easy to read place. This, in and of itself, makes this book an invaluable asset to anyone who wants to model greatness. Therefore, I will have this book on my shelf for the years to come.

This is an easy read. Standing it an 240 pages, it doesn’t match the thickness or complexity of some books in the genre. On the other hand, as is with most self-improvement books, the language is written for all walks of life. You don’t need to feel intimidated walking into this book. This being said, you really want to take to heart everything that Lewis has compiled into the book so I highly recommend taking your time and fully digesting it cheaper by chapter.

The chapter structure runs like this: they start out with the overarching theme and idea, then they’re broken down into direct stories that tie to the theme, and finishes off with exercises of how to implement into your own life. While many other self-improvement books do the first two with ease, I find that actual workbook style exercises are few and far between. To me, this is an invaluable tool that should be utilized more often.

With a total of 8 chapters, you think it’d be easy to choose which chapters where most impactful in terms of value to take away. In all honesty, I think each chapter holds it’s own unique value, and if implemented in conjunction with the other chapters you get a solid winning formula which will set you up for success. That’s not to say that one chapter isn’t better than any others; I found the chapter on Cultivating a Champion’s Mindset to be one of the high notes in the book.

Another thing to consider when choosing this book is to what level of commitment are you going? The exercises in the book can become quite involved, ranging from filling out goal sheets to actively going out and finding new people to communicate with. While it is ultimately up for you to choose the level of involvement, I highly recommend (if you do pick up the book) to follow through with the exercises. I only recently finished the book, but will be using the book as an “accountability” tool to better myself day by day!

Last thoughts:

This is an easy read and valuable tool to develop habits to push yourself towards goals. I want to do a reread before coming to any final conclusions, but I believe this will fall into my top 10 must reads down the line. Solid 8.5/10

Lewis Howes: The School of Greatness

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