Crushing it! – Book of the month, Nov ’18

One night Truth, naked and cold, had been turned
away from every door in the village. Her nakedness had
frightened the people. When Parable found her, she was
huddled up in a corner, shivering and hungry. Taking pity
on her, Parable gathered her up and took her home. There
she dressed Truth in a story and warmed her and sent her
out again. This time, clothed in a story, Truth knocked
again at the village doors and was readily welcomed into
the people’s houses. They invited Truth to eat at their
tables and warm herself by their fire.

      This parable wasn’t taken from this month’s book, nor does it have anything directly relating to the topic today. Or does it? I’ll get back to this in a bit…

crushing it.jpg

Gary Vaynerchuk (henceforth GV in this post) is a multi-million dollar media-marketing tycoon with an expansive background. Not unlike many in his position, he has the “foreigner advantage” being that he was not born in the US of A. GV grew up with a dad who wasnt always home. His mother, on the other hand, was quite the amazing point in his development. Unlike most parents, who want their children to be well rounded and fit in to every aspect of the education train, she recognized he had talents. She let GV pursue these talents. However, she also understood the importance of accountability for one’s actions. While she praised his success, GV also had to be shown there will always be consequences for acting one way over another.

While he had horrible “scores” in school and was punished, he was making so much money flipping baseball cards and garage sale items that he really wasn’t in any serious trouble. You see, he was developing a skillset, and leveraging that at an age much earlier than most. You’ve heard this story a millions times before in the cases of athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, etc. and with many successful entrepreneurs (aka college dropouts). These individuals committed to become great at something, and they honed their skill every day.

Which, is the perfect segue to as to exactly what GV preaches in Crushing IT!

In today’s technologically growing environment, it’s very important to understand the principals of growth, commitment, and hustle. Each of these has an important role to play in success on social media platforms, and if you implement all three you will see success and growth at a rate never before expected…

Let’s start with ~

Growth: Another quote I always love to reference is “If you’re not growing you’re dying.” No truer words have every been spoken in terms of social platforms. In an era blanketed with face-value, shallow ideals, the importance of growth becomes ever more important. On these platforms, you’re ability to influence those around you is directly proportional to the number of followers and likes you have. However, GV preaches something pretty special in this: serve the followers you already have. His idea is that the only way to grow, and I mean truly GROW into a true powerhouse, is to take the care and time to serve the people you already have in your following. If you don’t do this, you will create a false perception of your intention, and people will tend to back away rather than follow you. Think of a leader. A good leader always thinks about the well being and health of the troops directly under his control, he doesn’t think about the troops that may be assigned to him “one day.” If he thought about those “one day” troops, that one day may never come as his current troops wont serve him well….

The main takeaway here is: Serve those who already believe in you, because you never know who they may introduce you to.

Commitment: Without total commitment to one thing, or to one specific set of things, you will not achieve real results. Think about that person who seems to be doing a million things right now. They’ve got a blog, they’re making movies, they’re creating a business, they’re doing this, that, and the other. Some say that this person has many “irons in the fire,” but this is a falsity. That fire, when smothered by iron, wood, etc., won’t properly light up and start to burn hot, but rather with smoulder out and die. This fire is you, if you aren’t committed to just one or two things. IF you commit to TOO many things, that fire will not get enough oxygen to grow, and ultimately fail. GV uses this prinipal when building your social media accounts. When you focus too much time to all the platforms, you won’t be able to scale and grow the most important platform to you and your business. This will hamper your ability to reach people and share your product with the world.

Takeaway: You have to be totally committed; to whatever you want in life you have to be willing to put in every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears you have to make it work!

Hustle: Dwayne Johnson is more and more becoming a big influence on the way I approach my life. Not because of his acting, wrestling, or social media presence, but rather the fact that he always seems to be working on the next great thing. He has an idea, quickly acts on it, and continues to build it until it grows into something beautiful. This can be said for his movies, tv shows, or sponsorships. He knows the value of hard work, and is willing to grind it out until he accomplishes his goals. To me, that’s exactly what GV is saying. You have to be willing to sacrifice some things in the short term to get some great things in the long term. You have to put in massive amounts of time and generate amazing energy if you want something to become truly great! It may mean only getting 4 hours of sleep on weeknights, it may mean cutting a meal out of your regular routine to put that money back to the business, it may mean selling your weekend hangout session with friends to go door knocking to produce leads. No matter what the task, it will take a tenacity and hustle to generate the energy required to produce real results.

The takeaway: Outwork your competition and be willing to grind it out; you have to show up EVERY DAMN DAY.

Getting back to the opening parable. The naked truth can be ugly, and often times hard to look at. Most people aren’t willing to look at the naked truth ~ maybe even yourself is included in that group. It can be unbelievably tough, but if that truth is veiled with a nice little story, it can be a bit easier to take. Do you have someone you need to tell something, but it’s something that could ruin a relationship? Try using a story. You can set the tone, pace, and even hit key points without having to direct it at the person. They’re smart, they’ll connect the dots. Stories are, after all, the best way to teach lessons and values – just look back to ancient man. You think those wall paintings don’t have stories with them?

You may ask why I even included that story… well, I wanted you to understand that the truths of life can be hard to face. Even harder when you want to look at yourself as nakedly as possible. While it may be difficult to break down what you do and who you are, if you take the care to extrapolate the history and stories of your actions you will better know how to move forward.

And that’s how GV addresses each social media platform in his book Crushing IT! He takes success stories, breaks down the individual truths, and shows how they are making strides.

So, I want you to take these ideas away, see how you can apply them moving forward. It’s imperative that we all strive to better ourselves every day; not only do we owe this to ourselves, but we owe it to our family and the world to be the best, most impactful version we can become. You rob the world of your story and life lessons if you dont improve, and that is unbelievably selfish… and you don’t want to be known as a selfish person do you???

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