I’ve been absent for nearly three months…


Do you know just how much can be accomplished in three months if you hustle EVERY SINGLE DAY???

Well, I’d have a good anecdote or story for you, but the last three months have been drenched in self-doubt, worry, and fear. Three months ago I started a job in automotive sales because I wasn’t hustling my ass off in my personal pursuits and wanted cash to sustain my future.

This… was a horrible mistake.

When I joined the company I was under the impression I would be acting in a strong team environment in which there would be solid mentorship, abundant opportunity, and payoff for the amount of work put in. Only one of these were present.

Because I was hard-pressed for cash and had to make ends meet, I took this job as soon as they gave me the shot. I didn’t read job reviews. I didn’t ask about nuances which would have saved me a hell load of heartache. So, needless to say I learned a TON. Not only about taking work, but about my persona.

We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all have desires. And, it’s important we don’t sacrifice our personal goals or life for some short-term B.S. If you get fulfillment from things and being able to show them off to others, you may need to reassess. You’ll quickly be in over your head, working a job you hate, to sustain a life you don’t even want. This isn’t what happened to me, but I had multiple co-workers who were in this situation… and frankly it was very sad sight to see, but oh so enlightening.

The major takeaway – if you don’t respect and value yourself, no one else will. It’s hard to stand up for yourself and move on to pursue your life goals when the world is constantly trying to bend you to it’s whims. But, if you know your worth and recognize your skillset sets you at a place of high value, then you need to act as such. You need to value and respect what you’ve done and ACT IN ACCORDANCE TO YOUR POTENTIAL. Because if you don’t, you’re being selfish and robbing the world of the best version of you…


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