3 Tips to improve your day on the ski hill 18’/19′

With it’s amazing powder, steep turns, and gorgeous views, we all love the ski resort. Or at least, we would if we didn’t get cold, wet, or have uncomfortable feet. This is the plight for skiers the world over… all too often we get too excited about the fun we’re gonna have over the amount [...]


How to tune your skis – Part 2: Base Repair

  CRAAAACCCKKKK. What was that?!? Well my friend, you just skied over a rock. And, well, it stripped a ton of material off your base..... So, everyone is bound to get some damage to their base here and there. Small scrapes and belmishes can easily be handled at home. However, big scrapes and bores that [...]

How to tune your skis – Part 1: Edge clean up/prep

We all like the smooth glide you get after you've had your skis tuned at the shop. This means we have edges free of burrs, dirt, and rust. The problem is, there are wait times, labor costs, and frankly you have to drive to the ski shop. These can all be a major hassle, especially [...]

Ski Faster! ~ Book of the Month, Oct ’18 :

Do you, much like Maverick or Goose from the 1980's classic TOP GUN, have the need for speed? Are you a top notch skier looking to improve your already superior skiing prowess?   If so, then Ski Faster!: Guide to Racing and High Performance Skiing by Lisa Ballard may just be the book for you. [...]

Alpine Skiing: Disciplines – STO 015

While August may be coming to a close and it is still some time before the lifts start running again, ski season will be here before you know! For professional alpine skiers, they’ve already begun their training for the 18/19 season, so why not get a head-start yourself? For this reason, I’ll be covering different [...]

Black Diamond – Dawn Patrol 25L pack – MTT 008

It took me about 8 months, but I finally realized I’m an avid fan of Black Diamond. My first piece of tech I picked up from them was a belay device and carabeaner combo back in fall of 2016. Since then, I’ve acquired small items here and there from BD without realizing it. Fast forward [...]