Just Commit ~ Make a decision and learn to say NO

If you don't commit to something - and I mean fully dedicate yourself - you will never achieve the level of success necessary to make a true impact in that area. One of my favorite stories I recently overheard involves Warren Buffet and his personal pilot Mike Flint. The Story goes a little like this... [...]


Life’s Journey: Purpose and Fulfillment – STO 013

“It’s not about the destination man, it’s all about the journey.” The standard paradigm for hippies the world over; prioritizing the journey of life has become quite the staple in mainstream culture. This is true on the realms of social media, entertainment, and the news. Prioritizing the journey of life has become the locus of [...]

Fundamentals of Success: Happiness ~ STo 012

We finally hit it - the final week concerning Fundamentals of Success. While I came across these 4 pillars months ago, I feel like I’ve had a lot of learning experiences over these last weeks and hopefully what I’ve learned has at least provided a little value here. Granted, this is being written by a [...]

Fundamentals of Success: Health – STO 009

It's been nearly three months since I stumbled across Tai Lopez. And by stumbled, I mean, like, really discovered what he's all about. While his name is not household, I guarantee you know who he is. If you've ever watched a youtube video or seen an ad on facebook, he's the guy who introduced us [...]